B2B marketing professionals have been advised to isolate and remove negative keywords that could have an adverse impact on their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and sales figures.

Larry Kim, founder and vice-president of product development for Word Stream, said web analytics provide an effective way for firms to weed out keywords that are not relevant to their offerings.

Writing in Marketing Profs, he said organic keyword reports can be a good way to uncover negative keywords. He also urged firms to go to “traffic sources” and “keywords” in Google Analytics in order to uncover keyword referrers.

“There you can scan through the keywords that are driving search engine traffic to your site,” Mr Kim pointed out.

“Look for terms that aren’t relevant to your business; those are the ones you wouldn’t want to bid on,” he added.

Mr Kim also said companies can look at reports of the search queries that led to impressions and clicks on their PPC adds, which is a slightly more direct way of findings negative keywords, because firms will know for a fact that their ads are matching against those queries.