Businesses should not cut back on their direct mail marketing budgets despite concerns about an imminent economic downturn, an industry expert has advised.

Joy Gendusa from Postcard Mania believes companies should “buckle down” during this time of economic uncertainty and take comfort from the fact that plenty of firms have previously been able to successfully weather a recession.

According to Ms Gendusa, the best way for marketers to protect themselves and even flourish during the global slowdown is to make their campaigns better focused and more cost-effective.

“Figure out which form of advertising is making you more money,” she told Data Quality News.

“The more precise you get, the higher the return on investment you will get. Then channel your marketing budget to the avenue that is getting you the most return on investment.”

Industry studies have shown that investing in data quality and data suppression methods are some of the most effective ways of generating high returns on direct mail marketing campaigns.

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