Direct marketing professionals have been urged to seize the “moments of truth” that can define and shape a customer’s relationship with a brand, an expert has said.

Jenny Belser, professional services manager at Quaero, said paying close attention to clients can help marketers identify when these moments of truth occur.

Writing on DM News, Ms Belser advised marketers to map out these moments during the customer’s lifecycle.

“Continue to build the map as you gain more insight into the customer’s journey,” she advised.

Ms Belser added: “Presenting the journey and specifically the moments of truth from the customer’s perspective is a great way to get a broader level of support and buy-in for customer experience initiatives.”

She also highlighted the importance of taking action at the appropriate time by tailoring promotions towards the needs of clients.

Karin von Abrams, senior analyst at eMarketer, recently pointed out that any brand or business can benefit from building awareness online and highlighted the fact that the web is increasingly taking on a central role in marketing activity for virtually all brands.