Men and women respond differently to marketing content so firms need to be sensitive to this when devising their content, an expert has advised.

Dr Bob Deutsch, of marketing organisation Brain Sells, said marketers must realise that men tend to hone in very quickly on what they are looking for, so if firms want to appeal to male consumers, they have to bear this in mind.

Presenting content in a clear and succinct manner, free of unnecessary clutter, is likely to appeal to men, who want to find what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

“Men are concrete and tend to tightly focus their awareness,” Dr Deutsch explained.

“Their notion of cause and effect is linear and men are visually-oriented because of this concrete literality. Seeking clarity, men create absolute distinctions: black-white, yes-no.”

In order to appeal to female consumers, Dr Deutsch pointed out that marketers should appreciate women’s ability to appreciate underlying patterns and should provide them with quality as well as quantity or size.

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