Marketers need to make use of meaningful business data from multiple sources in order to make better decisions, an expert has said.

Laura Patterson, president and co-founder of VisionEdge, explained that marketers must be able to translate the insights from analytical systems immediately into marketing decisions and then use operational systems to execute these decisions.

Writing in Marketing Profs, she pointed out that all marketing organisations that profess to prioritise their customers should leverage various types of customer data including information from marketing databases such as customer profile information and segment that data.

“In addition to data that can be acquired from such internal sources, marketing needs external data related to the market and competitors,” Ms Patterson commented.

She also stressed the importance of revising business rules, executing analytics and updating models as soon as new data becomes available.

Writing in Utalkmarketing, Jo Bell, director of Mortascreen, recently said that poor business data hygiene can have an adverse effect on direct mail.

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