Only 31 per cent of online marketers use a confirmed opt-in method when obtaining permission to send out emails, a new survey has found.

According to eROI’s The Cradle & The Grave survey, marketers’ email methods for subscribing and unsubscribing are improving but have yet to reach “exceptional” levels.

The survey found that of the marketers that use confirmed opt-in methods, three quarters provide just between one and three ways for consumers to opt in, while only four per cent provide more than ten methods.

In addition, 30 per cent of marketers do not pass along opt in names to other systems, while 65 per cent fail to pass along subscribers’ opt outs.

Almost 90 per cent of email marketers do not survey unsubscribers at the time opt out, the research found, while only about half of email marketers monitor feedback loops.

The survey also revealed that when it comes to incentives for opting in, marketers tend to provide offers with perceived high value and low cost such as newsletter subscriptions.

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