Marketers are expected to increasingly turn to digital platforms this year as they try to measure their return on investment (ROI), an expert has said.

Darren Dutton, business director at, said marketers will be receiving a greater amount of pressure from their business leaders to demonstrate how their campaigns are performing.

In order to gain this crucial information about ROI, marketers will turn to technology to provide them with more effective ways of tracking how campaigns are doing.

Speaking at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising conference, Mr Dutton said: “Marketers are out here now seeking the next big thing and they can go back and improve their marketing campaigns and performance.”

According to the recent State of Marketing report by the Chief Marketing Officer Council, 38 per cent of industry professionals say they are exploring alternative media and new routes to the market, while 62 per cent plan to crunch customer data to improve segmentation and targeting.

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