Emerging direct marketing platforms are becoming increasingly popular, an expert has suggested.

According to Ian Chard, analyst at telecoms firm Juniper Research, firms are reducing their expenditure on print marketing and other traditional platforms and focusing on more innovative ways of advertising their brands.

He pointed out that many firms are investing in online platforms, picture messaging and other media, in order to target their audiences much more effectively and get their message across in the right way.

“It is an effective medium because campaigns can be targeted according to the demographic profile of the receiver,” Mr Chard commented.

A study released earlier this month by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that the online marketing industry in Europe is growing significantly, with the top ten markets in the region accounting for 93 per cent of the total value of the market.

The IAB’s figures revealed that the growth levels of the advertising industry in the UK sits at around 19 per cent.

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