Marketers are undercounting the proportion of their traffic derived from social media, a new survey suggests.

According to a study by Tealium Social Media, by failing to measure “view-through” traffic, companies may not be getting the full picture about the source of their traffic.

The survey found that just 20 per cent of social media-based traffic is the result of a direct click, while a significant 80 per cent come from view-through, which companies fail to acknowledge.

View-through measures traffic from web users who come on to a site after browsing pages on social networking websites or online public relations content that does not have a direct link to the site.

Ali Behnam, co-founder of Tealium, said: “The study shows that marketers measuring the impact of their social media marketing and online PR based on existing analytics tools are under-reporting their performance by 80 per cent.”

Marketing specialist Jane McMurry, recently advised marketers that combining social media with more traditional forms of marketing gives companies’ campaigns a greater chance of succeeding.