Email marketing is a useful and multi-faceted tool that should be exploited to achieve marketing success, an expert has suggested.

According to Cynthia Edwards, senior copywriter of Razorfish Global Email Solutions Group, email’s versatility makes it the “Swiss army knife” of the direct marketing world.

Writing on MediaPost’s Email Insider blog, Ms Edwards pointed out that email is a “tremendous tool” that allows marketers to increase traffic flow to their sites, boost sales and improve branding.

“Email has been proven to give a helpful lift to brand perceptions and sales in other channels, which means its impact goes far beyond the immediate clicks and conversions it generates every day,” Ms Edwards commented.

She added that reliability and profitability are also among the positive benefits of email marketing.

A survey released by the Aberdeen Group earlier this year found that almost half (47 per cent) of marketers plan to increase their budgets in 2009, while 60 per cent anticipate reducing their expenditure.

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