Direct marketers should consider the benefits of ‘transpromotional advertising’, an expert has suggested.

Crystal Uppercue, marketing manager at EU Services, said that adding marketing content into transaction-based direct mail featuring bills is a strategy that marketers should take advantage of.

Writing in a column for BtoB Magazine, she explained that these promotional marketing messages are personalised based on each recipient’s previous transactions, which results in a more tailored service.

Ms Uppercue advised those who are thinking of venturing into transpromotional marketing to make sure that their campaign is well executed.

“Take the time to plan thoroughly and make sure all the key players involved in marketing, creative design and list management are on the transpromo team,” she said.

A recent study into the future of direct mail and transpromotional offers by InfoTrends found that there is a growing demand for highly tailored marketing messages.

The report also found that despite online initiatives, business growth and dynamics drive an increase in transaction documents.

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