Marketers should target the most active portions of their mailing lists when sending out content, an expert has advised.

Marketing specialist Helen Leggatt suggested that firms should pare down their direct marketing lists and select recipients they have communicated with most recently as these are the most likely to be engaged.

Writing in Biz Report, she urged marketers to avoid the temptation to maximise exposure via email so they can keep their delivery rates within normal ranges.

“It’s also wise to remember that consumers can be put off by an increased frequency of email, particularly during busy times when their inboxes are saturated with marketing messages,” Ms Leggatt said.

She added that if marketers always keep to their original frequency agreements, they can significantly reduce the risk of being reported for spamming.

According to marketing specialist Luc Vezina, choosing the right email marketing service provider and keeping mailing lists fresh are some of the key ways to improve deliverability rates and reduce hard bounced addresses from future mailings.

Posted by Daryl Jay, Business Development Director – Sales, Industry News, General Marketing

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