An expert has urged marketers to pro-actively get their businesses noticed and effectively reach their target audiences in order to achieve success.

Cher Murphy, president of Cher Murphy PR, pointed out that striving to engage with potential leads is an essential part of an effective brand-building campaign strategy.

Writing in Business Management Daily, she said marketers should write articles that offer “actionable advice” to clients and thereby establish themselves as experts of their chosen subject matter.

They can then send these articles to a number of websites in order to catch the attention of potential leads.

Ms Murphy also suggested that as well as holding an “appreciation day” to offer clients discounts and offers, marketers should also network with other industry figures.

“Offer to speak at industry conferences and seminars [and] be sure to bring business cards, brochures and media kits,” she said. “Networking is a great way to spread the good word about your business.”

Writing in DMNews, Rod Ford, chief executive of CognitiveData, recently highlighted the importance of marketers testing their client insight processes.

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