B2B marketers should take advantage of programmes aimed at improving lead generation and conversion, an expert has advised.

According to Brig Graff, director of solution architecture at Omniture, velocity marketing is becoming a popular term in the industry and consists of a number of tests involving lead capture areas.

Speaking to BtoB Online, Mr Graff pointed out that fully exploiting velocity marketing can yield positive benefits for a firm.

“It’s best to adopt an optimisation mentality involving a series of tests about which version of designs give you better lead captures,” he commented.

“Build three or four vastly different creative concepts based on your theories of which tactics will capture the most leads.”

Mr Graff added that in order to prevent session abandonment, marketers should spend at least 15 per cent of their campaign’s budget on optimising their website and its content.

A previous study by the Direct Marketing Association found that email produces the highest response rates for companies that are principally trying to generate leads.

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