The analytics and metrics used for B2B lead generation must evolve to keep up with the changing times, an expert has suggested.

According to Lisa Cramer, president and co-founder of LeadLife Solutions, marketers have to find a way to manage business leads through the lead life cycle, which requires an insight into how leads are driven, tracked and evaluated.

Writing on Marketing Profs, she also stressed that marketers should fully nurture leads that are not yet sales ready in order to get maximum value for their lead generation expenditure.

“Some industry benchmarks suggest that leads must be continuously ‘touched’ before they close,” Ms Cramer explained.

“Around 80 per cent of leads close only after five contacts; in some cases, that number is closer to nine to 11 touches.”

She added that marketing professionals should consider making use of lead management systems, which enable them to drive more qualified leads.

Marketing expert Karen Caffrey has previously warned that failing to compare the success of lead generation campaigns can cause marketers to waste a lot of time and money.

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