An expert has advised email marketers that keeping their sales leads active and engaged is one of the best ways to improve their marketing campaigns.

Zephrin Lasker, chief executive of Pontiflex, noted that subscriber engagement has become one of the most important metrics in determining the reputation of email marketers.

Writing in a post published on Business Insider, he pointed out that a number of businesses are continuing to send emails to the same contacts and sales leads in their mailing lists even though the response rates are poor.

Mr Lasker stressed that marketers should strive to obtain the permission of email recipients before sending out marketing content, as this will maximise the chances of marketing campaign success.

Mark Haslan, a specialist at Overnight Prints, recently advised marketers that making direct mail packages more interesting and engaging is likely to attract more sales leads.

He stressed that recipients tend to be naturally suspicious of direct mail that is unsolicited, so if a brochure does not give an instant positive impression, they are unlikely to open it.

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