Marketers should make sure they pay close attention to their consumers and email leads, an expert has advised.

Will Schnabel, vice-president and general manager of international markets at Silverpop, urged marketers that customers and prospects increasingly expect to be treated as partners, so their needs have to be taken into account.

Writing in the 60 Second Marketer, he explained that B2B engagement marketing is the logical extension of a “listen first philosophy” and focuses on developing a two-way dialogue between organisations and their markets.

“Rather than looking at customers and prospects as passive receivers of messages, B2B engagement marketers believe that both the marketplace and the brand are best served when communication and understanding flow freely from one to the other,” Mr Schnabel commented.

He added that marketers should also strive to adopt lead-scoring in order to manage and analyse customer and prospect data more effectively.

A recent Unica study found that three-quarters of marketers plan to use data about consumers’ interests and habits as part of their marketing offers.