Marketers have been advised to incorporate delivery information into their mailing lists in order to improve efficiency.

Marketing specialist Joel Curry said that keeping mailing lists and business lists clean and up-to-date helps marketers to execute successful campaigns and fulfil their customers’ expectations.

Writing in Information Management, he also suggested that firms should create a process to track returned direct mail or bounced emails to monitor data accuracy and update any missing information where necessary.

“Tracking may be as simple as flagging contacts within campaign spreadsheets or databases,” Mr Curry advised.

“The objective is to systematically force updates that ensure future mail accuracy and provide reporting information on deliverability over time.”

He also advised marketers to make sure they always verify information before it is entered into a database.

Writing on E-consultancy, marketing specialist Patricio Robles recently said that increasing the volume of client names in mailing lists and databases can help improve marketers’ overall campaign strategies.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases