An industry expert has urged marketers to be as clear and concise as possible with their direct mail campaigns.

Mark Haslan, of Overnight Prints, noted that direct mail still remains a popular way to reach out for sales leads but campaigns should be crafted in a coherent way in order to achieve maximum chances of success.

He pointed out that clients typically scan messages briefly before deciding to read on and if the content seems lengthy and complicated, they are unlikely to give the message their undivided attention.

“Long and complex messages, especially disorganised ones, can turn a potential customer away before they even give a brochure a full read over,” Mr Haslan commented.

“Targeting the appropriate consumer with relevant offers is also critical. Many business owners buy a mailing list and send brochures to every person on the list.”

Mr Haslan maintained that if sales leads receive irrelevant offers, they often will not respond, and in many cases, they will actually lose respect for the company.