Companies have been advised to collect crucial feedback from their customers in order to gain an insight into their preferences.

According to Service Unlimited, marketers should simply ask consumers for answers and then gather the data to improve customer satisfaction.

The blog explained that feedback from consumer and employee questionnaires and surveys can deliver constructive criticism that lets marketers know where they are going wrong and what they need to do to improve.

“Employee responses are the best resource and most reliable method to gather customer feedback,” Service Unlimited said.

“As sales and service representatives build a rapport with consumers and clients, trust builds and it becomes a natural part of an interactive conversation.”

Businesses were also advised to study and monitor their competitors by observing their service and trying out their products, and then applying what they have learnt to their own companies.

A recent study compiled by the Small Business Research Centre at Kingston University on behalf of Royal Mail found that over half (56 per cent) of small firms that solicit advice from their customers rate the feedback as crucial to their business success.

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