Marketers should be persistent with direct mail and email prospects in order to reach key decision makers, an expert has advised.

Liz Jackson, founder and managing director of Great Guns Marketing, said companies need to be highly targeted in their direct marketing approach and should be prepared to contact leads up to 40 times before they sign up.

Writing on Fresh Business Thinking, she maintained that firms’ direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns need to be consistently coordinated in order to convey a clear message to potential clients.

“Such a method enables you to create a narrative about your business,” Ms Jackson said, “with each approach adding another chapter to the story to enable potential clients to gain a clear understanding of how you can help them to improve the way they do business.”

Ms Jackson added that the tough economic climate has made it even more important for businesses to employ an effective lead generation strategy.

A recent report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council found that 46 per cent of consumers opt out of email marketing messages because they find the content irrelevant.

Posted by Suzanne Stock – Communications Director, HR, Online Advertising, General Marketing

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