Marketers should support email leads that are in growth industries, an expert has said.

Marketing author and specialist Scott McKain said marketers should focus on those in their consumer lists that are rising up the ranks, because although they may not be delivering high return now, they will enhance the business as they expand.

Writing in Marketing Profs, he also urged marketers to support their “elite” clients, as these are most likely to deliver a high return on investment.

“Find a way to spend more time and resources with your most-profitable customers,” Mr McKain said.

“In many cases, they could expand their current level of business with you if you give them a great reason, such as more attention.”

He also advised marketers to focus as much attention as possible to “cool” customers who show signs of great future potential.

Mr McKain’s sentiments are echoed by E-consultancy’s Matthew Kelleher, who recently advised marketers to segment their mailing lists in order to separate active leads from dead ones.

Posted by Matthew Collins, Technical Director – IT Data Cleaning, Hygiene, Analytics, Databases