Seven out of ten marketers do not trust online media owners and are not sure whether they are getting what they pay for, new research shows.

According to the 2007 Global Marketing Effectiveness Report by the Fournaise Marketing Group, 68 per cent of marketers do not know whether they can trust the visitor profile online media owners and publishers claim.

The results also show that 75 per cent of marketers in the UK expressed uncertainty about whether they get what they pay for.

Marketers’ other main concerns about online advertising include click fraud, dubious click-through reports from digital media owners and adverts that do not appear in the correct places.

Jerome Fontaine, chief executive of the Fournaise Marketing Group, said: “Across the thousands of online campaigns we audit track for our clients worldwide, we have been observing consistently poor results.

“Click-through rates have fallen as low as 0.15 per cent, conversion rates are barely reaching the three per cent average, and returns on marketing investment are flirting with the sub-30 per cent numbers.”

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