Poor deliverability is causing marketers to waste around 11 per cent of their budgets, a new study shows.

According to the E-consultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census of over 600 email marketers, deliverability is a “blind spot” for many marketers, with 60 per cent of respondents saying this area needs no improvement.

In addition to this, 80 per cent of marketers cannot measure how much money they are losing through poor deliverability.

According to Henry Hyder-Smith, managing director of Adestra, deliverability problems often take the form of emails failing to reach inboxes and if received, distortion of messages because of image blocking.

Mr Hyder-Smith advised marketers to monitor the major black lists and spam organisations to ensure any problems are picked up and to implement the appropriate accreditation and certification schemes.

He also recommended marketers to conduct audits which would help them understand their deliverability situation and draw up an appropriate action plan.

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