In order to get the most out of their direct mail campaigns, marketers need to make sure their messages are being noticed and are reaching the right contacts, an expert has said.

Greg Brown, marketing director of data quality solutions vendor Melissa Data, pointed out that in order to ensure messages reach the right contacts, marketers should always select the right mailing lists.

Writing in, she explained that a poor marketing campaign sent to a good list can still make money, but even brilliant content sent to a list of bad sales leads and clients will fail every time.

Given that mailing lists and data lists go out of date at a rate of 15 per cent or more every year, marketers were also urged to update their lists as regularly as possible and maintain consistency with their campaigns.

“Hit your prospect with different communication about the same thing, or hit them with different products with the same look or feel, or both,” Mr Brown commented. “Demonstrate that type of persistence and for added credibility.”

Writing in Marketing Profs, Niren Sirohi an associate partner at Prophet, recently urged marketers to make sure their marketing content is always as strong as possible.

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