Marketing specialist Matt Ambrose has highlighted a few key referral marketing tips to attract a higher quantity of sales leads.

The first key tip is simply for firms to ask customers to pass their information on to potential sales leads and prospects, Mr Ambrose said.

“It sounds simple, but just asking customers to pass on your details is a straightforward way of creating leads,” he commented on Utalkmarketing.

“In your email or letter, thanking them for their purchase, you can politely suggest passing on your details to anyone who might be interested in your product.”

Mr Ambrose also suggested that marketers can make use of coupons, affiliate schemes, eBooks and other digital products to pursue leads, as customers are usually motivated by free content.

In addition to this, companies should also consider forming alliances with other non-competing service providers. According to Mr Ambrose, this underused tactic can help maximise brand exposure if two companies agree to promote each other’s services to consumers.

The Direct Marketing Association recently advised marketers that they can engage well with sales leads by harnessing the power of social media.