Marketing expert Josh Hall has revealed a set of top tips for improving sales copy to attract as many sales leads as possible.

Writing on Simply Business, Mr Hall reveals that the most important tip for piquing interest is to have a great headline that grabs the reader by appealing to their particular needs.

Great sales copy should also concentrate on the benefits consumers can expect to receive, as this is what most sales leads are particularly interested in.

“You can help this process by using the ‘so what?’ method,” Mr Hall advises.

“After each sentence, imagine your customer asking: ‘so what?’ Relate everything to your customer’s business to increase your chances of making a sale.”

Mr Hall warned marketers not to fall into the temptation of using “crazy” capital letters, as sales copy littered with gratuitous capitals looks unprofessional and seems as if customers are being shouted at.

Marketers should also break up text in their copy by using subheadings, as this makes it easier for customers to read.

A recent fast.MAP-commissioned study found that almost half of marketers surveyed are diversifying their campaign strategies by incorporating online channels.

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