Businesses that set out without a workable marketing plan are “doomed to fail”, a leading entrepreneur has argued.

Jonathan Jay, founder of the National Association of Business Owners, stressed that every business, no matter its size, must have a clear set of goals and a marketing strategy in place to achieve those goals.

He pointed out that a good marketing plan need not be longer than one page as long as it outlines what a business needs to focus on in order to grow and clearly sets out the media it needs to use in order to communicate with clients and sales leads.

“Planning your marketing doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but does need some careful thinking,” Mr Jay commented.

“The key is to focus on the things that really matter, which for most businesses, is improving their sales and marketing quickly so they get more clients.”

Di Forster, director of SEO Junkies, recently stressed the importance of established firms changing with the times and adapting to the digital revolution.