A sound email marketing strategy is an important as the campaign’s execution, an expert has advised.

According to Ryan Deutsch, vice president of strategic services and market development for StrongMail Systems, marketers should ensure that they have excellent planning in place in order to maximise their chances of achieving a successful marketing campaign.

Writing on MediaPost’s Email Insider blog, he stressed that marketers should also take into account the content of their messages and the programmes used to send mailings.

“If it has been more than six months since you had a serious talk about email strategy, I suggest you and your team walk through an assessment of where you are today, your vision for the coming year and your plans to execute on the vision,” he commented.

Mr Deutsch suggested that marketers should look closely at their data, content, programmes and at their competition.

“Do not take shortcuts on the competitive analysis,” he warned, “a clear understanding of how your programmes stack up against your competition is the foundation for understanding where your email programmes are today.”