Marketscan has just been awarded a Gold Government Quality Mark for their recession busting Workplace Giving scheme.

Despite the doom and gloom of the economic climate, employees at Marketscan have bucked the trend as more of them are giving to the charities and causes closest to their hearts, straight from their pay.

The Gold Quality Mark is awarded to organisations that offer, and actively promote Workplace Giving to their employees and have over 10% of their workforce giving through their pay.

Suzanne Stock of Marketscan said; “We are really pleased by the way our employees responded to the scheme, it allows each member of staff to nominate a charity that is personal to them.

Peter O’Hara of Workplace Giving UK the organisation helping Marketscan to promote the scheme said; “Well done to the employees at Marketscan. During these tough times it is really important to ensure that it is made easy for employees to give to the charities they care about tax efficiently. Marketscan and their employees should be congratulated ”

Company Information –

Workplace Giving is a simple, tax efficient, scheme which allows employees to give to any charity they choose by having a deduction taken straight from their gross pay. Workplace Giving is also known as Payroll Giving or Give As You Earn

A £10 donation through the scheme, would cost a standard rate tax payer £8, a 40% tax payer £6 or a 50% tax payer £5 due to the tax effectiveness of the scheme.

Workplace Giving is the only way for a higher rate tax payer to pass their 40% or 50% tax straight to their chosen cause as only standard rate tax can be claimed back by charities under the Gift Aid scheme.

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