Those in the media industry are beginning to sit up and take notice of the growing success of telephone preference services (TPS), according to a new report.

In an article focusing on identity preference services within the marketing industry, Tim Kitchen – a senior partner at management consultancy firm Glasshouse Partnership – has been advocating TPS, reports

He stated that TPS is becoming a successful industry initiative as it allows for protection of an effective outbound marketing practice whether it is telesales or direct marketing.

And with recent Pell & Bates research suggesting the TPS registration rate is growing exponentially with around 20 million (90 per cent of UK households) predicted to sign up by 2007, Mr Kitchen believes industry officials would do well to take note.

He wrote: “The growing success of telephone preference services, despite historically moderate publicity, has encouraged media owners to sit up and take notice.

“By focusing social responsibility within the industry, TPS and MPS have helped defuse and divert antagonism away from specific marketing firms and media owners (Royal Mail and BT) by moving well ahead of strict legal requirements.”

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