Companies using direct email marketing services to generate sales leads have been advised to consider using media-rich content to enhance their campaigns.

Simon Grabowski, chief executive officer of digital marketing company Implix, says email marketing firms should use media-rich content to ensure their material stands out from the crowd.

Writing for online magazine BtoB, Mr Grabowski said: “Multimedia e-mail marketing of this sort can be […] super-effective.

“If it’s interesting and relevant, your message will ripple across the internet in seconds.”

He added that advances in rich media technology mean email marketing firms can include videos, music clips, and links to related social media pages in their advertising material.

Mr Grabowski also cites Marketing Sherpa’s ‘2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report’, which conducted a poll of 1,493 US marketers and found 78 per cent preferred email advertising to social media.

Implix was founded by Mr Grabowski in 1998 and offers turn-key internet marketing solutions.

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