The invasion of privacy debate about behavioural marketing tactics has been “blown out of proportion”, an expert has said.

James Drake-Brockman, show director of Internet World, said most of the weariness about behavioural marketing techniques on social networking sites stem from ignorance about the platform.

“What people don’t understand is the systems that they have in place are not specific to an individual,” Mr Drake-Brockman explained.

“You’re put into a group or you’re a number – no personal details are available about your behaviour. People assume that general opinion is a lot worse than it actually is.”

He added that the majority of the “scare stories” about behavioural advertising have mostly come from “a few people shouting very loudly about it because they don’t like it”.

According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau, 85 per cent of web users would rather have free content on the internet with the stipulation of website advertising rather than pay a premium not to have ads.

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