Workers would be grateful for the provision of mobile access to their email, according to a new report.

Research by mobile email provider Visto found that wider access to email on mobile handsets would help staff better their work-life balance and improve productivity levels.

The company discovered that 70 per cent of mobile workers are looking for increased flexibility and control over their personal and professional information and believe that mobile email would ‘liberate’ them.

The study of 300 mobile professionals in the US, UK and Italy by Ronin Corporation of Princeton claims that mobile email can provide employees with greater control over their working day.

The vast majority of respondents (80 per cent) wanted mobile email to boost their work-life balance and 70 per cent believed that it would make them more productive.

Ronin research director, Rafal Gajdamowicz, said: “These findings are remarkable. When ranking their answers in degrees of importance, the greatest number of respondents, over 33 per cent in some instances, scored responses at ten out of ten. In our experience it is virtually unprecedented for feelings to run so high in a survey of this nature.”

Visto has launched a worklife.freedom initiative to gain a better understanding of mobile workers’ feelings about wireless email services.

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