Most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not track the success rate of their email marketing campaigns, a new study by GetResponse suggests.

The study of 2,219 small businesses found that 52.8 per cent of respondents do not track their email campaign results.

This is in spite of a forecast by JuniperResearch that email marketing spending will increase to $950 million this year from $885 million in 2005.

“Of those small businesses that measured their email marketing efforts, the majority tracked only the outdated and unaccountable email open rate statistic,” said Simon Grabowski, CEO of GetResponse.

“Despite these technology constraints, small business owners have tools at their disposal to determine the effectiveness of their email marketing. It is relatively simple to check the percentage of subscribers who visit their websites and purchase their products, as the result of a specific email campaign.”

He said less than 11 per cent of respondents tracked their campaign conversions, with the vast majority of small businesses in the dark over the efficiency of their email promotions. Therefore, when their sales increase they are unable to attribute these conversions to a specific campaign.

“This is regrettable, because with careful testing of email subject, content and formatting, businesses are often able to generate dramatic increases in their internet marketing results,” Mr Grabowski concluded.

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