The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) has warned that it will ignore those who request a junk mail opt-out pack from

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), which operates the MPS, said that it feels, which was launched in March this year, gives “ambiguous” information about reducing junk mail.

Moreover, the DMA pointed out that requesting an opt-out pack is essentially the same as registering with an opt-out service.

Robert Rijkhoff, coordinator of Stop Junk Mail, argued that the website enables businesses to facilitate requests for opting out of unsolicited mailings.

“I have asked the DMA’s manager of preference services to let us know what information the DMA finds ‘ambiguous’ – we’re always open for suggestions,” Mr Rijkhoff told Hell Mail.

Research by the MPS has found that direct mail is an effective way of promoting new products, services and special offers, as well as an economical tool through which charities can raise awareness about their activities and gain support.

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