Almost half of businesses are failing to manage their online reputation, a new survey from reveals.

The report, which was conducted on behalf of by YouGov, found that 44 per cent of key decision makers within businesses do not actively take measure to control the information circulating about them on the internet.

Small and medium-sized enterprises that have just started out were found to be more likely to manage their reputation online (57 per cent) than those whose businesses are turning over more than £3 million (37 per cent).

Steve Wainwright, chief executive of, said: “Almost half of internet users have researched someone whose services or advice they have sought in a professional capacity, so monitoring what the internet is saying about you is absolutely vital in getting that next deal.”

He stressed that businesses simply cannot afford to leave their online corporate reputation to chance.

Jon Maddison, UK country director at Epsilon, recently said that new social media platforms will be springing up over the coming years to complement existing channels.