Nectar aims to increase its online business activity through the use of an integrated search marketing campaign.

In conjunction with the digital agency Spannerworks, Nectar aims to use search engine optimisation and paid search to increase volume and drive traffic to the Nectar eStores portal. The portal is used to route customers to a range of online retailers, amassing loyalty points in the process.

Nectar e-commerce director Roger Sniezek said: “We have over 100 retailers with good deals for Nectar customers, so we want to effectively demonstrate both those and the range.

“We’ve just gone through our fifth year online, with £850m in rewards going through.”

This the first time that Nectar has taken on board a SEO agency to help direct its marketing campaign. Its rewards programme has grown so big that it can no longer be managed in-house.

Arjo Ghosh, chief executive at Spannerworks, said: “This campaign is an excellent example of the importance of using search to inform site development. Search will deliver consistent return on investment and become an integral part of Nectar’s continued online success.”

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