A new direct mail opt-in law enacted in Germany has raised concerns in the UK about whether the regulation may soon be implemented in this country.

Under the new law, marketers must gain consumers’ permission to use their address data unless there is already an existing relationship with those consumers.

Marketing and data industries in the UK are now speculating that direct mail could soon be liable to a stricter opt-in policy.

Some experts suggest that by having a more stringent opt-in law, marketers will benefit from guaranteed contact with warm prospects and leads who are interested in their products in the first place and are therefore more likely to respond.

Peter McCormick, co-founder and general manager of ExactTarget, said any move to strengthen permission-based or opt-in communications should be welcomed.

“We have always believed that marketers should build their marketing efforts on the foundation of permission to their subscribers, customers and partners,” he said.

The direct mail opt-in law came into force in Germany on September 1st this year as a revision of the Federal Data Protection Act passed by the German Bundestag in July.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News

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