The Mobile Payment Forum (MPF), a global cross-industry alliance of organisations from the mobile and financial industries dedicated to the advancement of mobile commerce (m-commerce) announced the creation of Mobile Marketing Task Force (MMTF).

The Task Force aims to increase consumer awareness and demand for various mobile payment solutions that are available. It also aims to assist prospective m-commerce service providers and their partners.

The MMTF will initially embark upon a marketing awareness campaign designed to make consumers aware of the range of services available and the benefits of m-commerce, including its security and ease of use.

The MMTF plans to reach out to current and prospective service providers and supporting organisations by establishing an m-commerce Informational Resource Center which will provide information including market data, research results and competitive intelligence.

The centre will also provide analysis to prospective service providers, handset manufacturers, financial institutions, payment companies and other interested organisations.

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