Incorporating offers into a direct mail campaign is a good way to improve a B2B strategy, it has been suggested.

According to Andy Preston, director of sales consultancy Outstanding Results, including the right merchandise with direct marketing communications could be just what is needed to give marketers a “valuable” return on investment.

Speaking to Marketing Donut, he pointed out that such a strategy can also be used to achieve specific and measurable marketing objectives such as increased sales and brand engagement.

“Your merchandise communicates a message about your business,” Mr Preston said. “So if you’re in financial services, you could portray your reliability with something practical.”

He added that the more expensive an offer is, the more targeted and tailored the marketing campaign should be in order tomaximise its chances of success.

Writing on Fresh Business Thinking, Carol Wright – direct marketing manager at Pitney Bowes – recently supported Mr Preston’s advice, urging marketers to focus on an effective campaign strategy in order to weather the current economic downturn.

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