Offline marketing channels can offer businesses a strong level of accountability, an expert has said.

Marc Munier, commercial director of Pure360, highlighted the importance of marketers knowing that although email and affiliate marketing offer high levels of return on investment, offline platforms can also achieve “clear cut accountability”.

He explained that one of the ways to achieve accountability with offline direct marketing platforms such as telemarketing is by using redemption codes and dedicated phone numbers.

Mr Munier also urged marketers to always follow up their leads to ensure they do not lose business.

“At every point that you retarget you will know exactly what it cost you and what you got back as a result – the ultimate in accountability,” he commented.

Mr Munier pointed out that although they have their benefits, other marketing platforms such as email face huge challenges including a lack of commitment from senior decision makers, who still see the medium as spam.

According to MH McIntosh, president of Man McIntosh Incorporated, keeping track of marketing activity helps businesses improve their return on investment.

Posted by Julie Knight, Managing Director – General Marketing, Industry News

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