Online marketers can learn a lot from more traditional forms of the practice, one expert has suggested.

Copywriter Karen Gedney told that structuring an email intended for marketing targets in a similar style to a letter can be effective.

Adding a ‘PS’ sentence at the bottom can work, as can writing in easy-to-read sentences.

The inclusion of an image in a sidebar section, similar to the image accompanying a newspaper advert, was also recommended by Ms Gedney.

She commented: “This is another critical response driver, so make it work for you by creating a mini-ad in the sidebar with a photo, headline above it, and a big honking button below it.

“Add a compelling caption to the photo – and you’ll find it is the most-read text in your email.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with InformIT, BrightWave Marketing chief executive Simms Jenkins, author of the book ‘The Truth About Email Marketing‘, recently recommended launching permission-based campaigns.

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