The popularity of online advertising has increased because it has proved to be a steady format in the face of the recession, according to eMarketer.

The company pointed out that the UK is a mature market for online advertising and the internet is firmly established as an accountable channel that can deliver excellent return on investment.

Karin von Abrams, senior analyst at eMarketer, explained that unlike other media platforms, online ad spending performed well in the UK in 2009 and it looks set to rise a further seven per cent in 2010 to £3.79 billion.

“If anything, the recession and the potential for further economic uncertainty make an even stronger case for the online option,” Ms Abrams said.

She added that many UK merchants have also improved the user-friendliness and security features of their sites in recent months, which has made online platforms even more attractive.

According to figures from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online advertising spending continued to grow in almost all of the 23 markets measured and had a combined value of 14.7 billion euros (£11.9 billion) last year.

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