High-speed internet services could be impacting on the decision making of online marketers, including those making use of database services.

That is the suggestion of digital marketing news provider Net Imperative, which has highlighted the window of opportunity created by the advent of broadband.

According to the firm, the additional scope for the use of multi-media in advertising, made possible by faster internet connections, has influenced marketing strategies.

“As broadband internet speeds become the norm across Europe advertisers are increasingly grasping the opportunity to use video and multi-media applications in their online campaigns to engage with the audience,” the company says.

A 21 per cent rise in online marketing spend in the UK was recently revealed in the results from research conducted by Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The main growth driver of online marketing in 2007 was widespread internet access according to the Internet Advertising Market Assessment 2008 from Key Note Publications.

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