Firms in the UK look likely to increase their online direct marketing activity over the coming year after it was revealed that a significant share will expand their campaigning budgets.

The finding was made by Alterian while conducting its Annual Marketing Survey, which quizzed over 1,500 marketing professionals in the UK.

It was discovered that 62 per cent of companies foresee a bolstering of their online direct marketing budget, flying in the face of the ongoing economic downturn.

“With the current economic climate, it is refreshing to see results that show businesses investing in areas that can directly drive sales – essential in this market,” said Alterian chief executive Dave Aldridge.

He went on: “What is less encouraging is the low number of marketers who use analytics to evaluate and refine their campaigns.”

A worrying statistic was that as many as 53 per cent of those quizzed do not plan to use analytics as a means of tracking the success of their campaigns.

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