Marketing via email is vastly becoming the best way to encourage people to buy holidays online, new research reveals.

After surveying 1,000 adults, Research One found that 52 per cent said that emailed offers were more likely to attract them to visit travel companies’ website.

Television and published advertising was ranked as second in effectiveness, while sponsored links and embedded adverts in utility bills followed after that.

Amanda Ling, intelligence director at Response One, told Travel Weekly that “these findings are very revealing and of crucial importance to the travel industry”.

“It punctures the received wisdom that online advertising is the best means of driving web visits and purchases.”

“While 60 per cent of British households now have a home internet connection, there is evidently a need for research to examine how the internet is really used for leisure and pleasure time,” she added.

Research One advised that a combination of email and online, along with direct mail and television adverts, could prove an effective strategy to reach customers.

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