One of the main reasons why online marketing is better to use than more traditional methods is its green value, according to one expert.

Chris Lake, editor in chief of E-consultancy marketing news provider, says that firms investing in online marketing strategies are making a greener choice, as supposed to printing leaflets to send to targeted firms, including those on business lists.

Mr Lake pointed to the wastage of distributing leaflets to fellow businesses when only a tiny percentage will respond.

He said: “Online marketing is much more measurable and therefore there is less wastage.

“The alternative is if you are going to send millions of leaflets out, if you are going to put them in magazines you’re looking at a tiny percentage of response and it works, but you do have wastage.”

Business application provider Eloqua’s survey on green marketing showed that 90 per cent of respondents thought that the marketing industry has a responsibility to become more environmentally friendly.

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