Spending on online advertising is set to rise over the next two years, helped by the impact of the World Cup, according to a media agency.

The latest report from Zenithoptimedia marketing reveals online advertising is expected to overtake outdoor marketing as more companies recognise the power of the internet.

Forecasts predict global online advertising will generate 6.5 per cent of all advertising revenue in 2008, an increase of two per cent from 2005.

The Zenithoptimedia report wrote: “The internet is now firmly established as a mainstream advertising medium in developed markets and in many developing markets too.”

The company believes the increase in advertising spending will be down to the rapid growth of internet activity and the arrival of the World Cup later this year as businesses see the benefit of marketing on a world stage.

Zenithoptimedia research showed the global advertising market is worth £246.1 billion and this is expected to increase to £273 billion by 2008.

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