Online marketers need to think outside of the web and use more sensory methods to win customers, e-consultancy has reported.

While offline brands employ innovative marketing methods to increase sales, online companies are restricted to sound and vision.

E-consultancy has found that other senses, especially smell, are increasingly being used by big brands to improve their image and suggests online firms do the same.

It gives the Skoda cake advert as an example of where food is being used to sell and says that Singapore airlines is currently patenting smells to be associated with their brand.

While this is impossible over the net, online companies should expand their points of contact with consumers through packaging, direct marketing and field campaigns.

“Hats off to,” the article says. “By giving away branded mini bottles of sun cream, in an instant it had provided potential customers with a long term promotional device that looks fun, smells nice and feels good.”

Other suggestions are to ditch e-tickets and post them to customers to create contact and open another avenue of marketing.

Above all, it insists, online marketers should be experimental. ADNFCR-8000151-ID-18170104-ADNFCR

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